Air-condition service Batu Cave, Gombak, Selayang. Dalam iklim subtropika seperti Malaysia, air-condition adalah satu kemestian. Bukan sahaja ia membantu untuk menyejukkan rumah atau premis, tetapi ai Read more

Research and Development

KTE SMART TECHNOLOGIES menyediakan perkhidmatan 'Research and Development' dalam bidang technology,IOT 'Internet of Thing'

Sensory Academy

      Therapy     selayang     0192842249

Sensory Academy is directed by Occupational therapist. it provides Early Intervention Program  (EIP) for different need children like Autism Spectrum Disorder, Global Developmental Delay and oth Read more


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Restoran Syifak Jaya

      Cafe and Restaurant     Bandar Sunway     0166481195

Indonesian Traditional food with indonesian cooking style with almost 13 years experience with opening this restaurant since 2006. Suitable food for any range of age and price are reasonable